StreetGames Olympic Challenge

Calling all Havering Community Clubs and Young Sports People!!


Have fun, get active and represent your community this Summer with StreetGames’ Olympic Challenge!

Over 6 weeks, we’re inviting community sports clubs and the young people who support them to test their mettle with a series of 30 fun daily challenges. From Boxing to Badminton, Tennis to Triathlons, there are activities to suit everyone. So choose your challenge and show the world what you can do.

Lockdown may mean we can’t watch the Olympics this year, but we can still come together and celebrate the power of sport.

If your organisation is up to the challenge, you can enter at any point over the 6 weeks! If you require further information or the Zoom meeting code please contact Samantha Barton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and join us as we come together and bring the Olympic spirit online.

How to Get Involved!

  • Each day we will share the 'Daily Challenge Video' on our social media pages - @Haveringactive @Youthsportlbh
  • Each day there will be a different scoring criteria ensuring that it is accessible and competitive for all - this will be posted with the Challenge Video.
  • For those with a disability please use the age restrictions as a guidance and select the most appropriate one for that individual.

Every day there will be a live Zoom session at 3pm (please contact us for the link) where your chosen challenger will go on live to compete for your organisation. Alternatively you can send your video and your score through via WhatsApp to 07378 189 266 and this will get added to the overall total/leader board.

Please also share on social media and tag StreetGames in, also using the hashtags   #sporthelps #SGOlympicChallenge #TeamHavering

Special mention to June Kelly from Abraham Moss Warriors based in Manchester, as she has been instrumental creating the challenges, videos and score sheets, in addition to hosting the Zoom Competitions. You'll be seeing a lot of her over the next few weeks so here's a little introduction video from her! Thanks again June as this wouldn't have been possible without you! 


For more info go to:


Good Luck and don't forget to tag us @Haveringactive @YouthSportlbh #TeamHavering #CreActiveAtHome